Grateful Dead Collection

Dancing Bears


Made in the USA. 100% Organic Cotton, Unisex.

The Together x Grateful Dead Capsule collection was created out of a shared belief that the clothing industry needs to get shown the light!  

Together has offered our own take or "remix" of this iconic Grateful Dead imagery, by filling in the silhouettes of these jolly Dancing Bears with our customary prints.

These iconic Dancing Bears were designed in the spirit of and possibly mimicking the Grateful Dead's famed sound man and contributor Owsley "Bear" Stanley, whom many believe incubated the famous Summer of Love, of 1969 in San Francisco.

This collaboration by Together California and the Grateful Dead reflects not just the band’s will in moving culture and now fashion into a more loving and compassionate place.  This collaboration was hatched by the spirit of sustainability that California culture is known for.  All of Together California’s garments are made from organic and/or recycled materials and made with the most sustainable production practices available.

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