Together debuts first collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo!

We are greatly appreciative and humbled by the opportunity to share our work with the world at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo in March. We will be traveling to Tokyo representing the Los Angeles Fashion Council to display in a special showroom/installation environment with a handful of other uniquely Californian designers. While the circumstances that led to Together auspiciously landing this show weren’t planned, we think it is truly fitting as we have always been so inspired by Japanese fashion and technology.

While Lily was in her last year at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City she had the chance to travel to Tokyo during Fashion Week and didn’t want to return home. In fact she was getting herself prepared to move to Tokyo in early 2011 before the Fukushima Tsunami altered that plan. The tsunami is what magically redirected Lily to California where she fell in love with Benedict and they started Together. So the fact that this new adventure is leading us full circle back to Tokyo Fashion week is important to us and feels like a big gust of wind in our sails!!

While conceptualizing Together, Japanese culture was always in our mind. We love the whimsy and tradition of Japanese culture. From “Cho Kawaii” street fashions to the characters of Studio Ghibli, we love the funk and folklore of Japan. Some of our prints are also aesthetically influenced by this wonderful nation.