Together California is turning trash around

We have been greatly concerned about the negative impact on the environment that the clothing industry is responsible for, so we are trying to minimize it by utilizing and developing new technologies that minimize the environmental impact of the clothing and textile industries. The more these textiles and processes are used and discussed the more in demand they will become. Once we have a steady dialogue about what is good for us as a planet and human society the deeper the research and development for newer and greater technology will arise!!

We believe there are many ways to be more thoughtful and deliberate about how clothes are made and we want more consumers to know what options exist. Together will always strive to bring you the least harmful manufacturing techniques that cherish our natural resources and those people that manufacture our products. We want to start a dialogue about the clothing industry and spark people to think about what it is that is covering their skin, which is a human beings largest organ.

Our first product, the Together Pantaloni uses a unique blend of 84% RPET, which is recycled polyester, created using a process of crushing, melting, spinning and drawing to create a quality yarn that is equally pure as virgin polyester fibers made from Petroleum components. Once our fabric is made we use water based eco inks to create our high definition digital prints that use less water and waste than traditional printing processes.

Many people we share this info with are baffled not only by the recycling process, but also the idea that polyester and other synthetic fibers are in fact petroleum products.
While there are tons of ways for us to be more thoughtful as consumers, using recycled polyester is a start. Together we can make a difference!